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Tithe Award Maps, 1808-1859

» West Sussex Record Office Collections » Tithe Award Maps, 1808-1859
The Tithe Award and Map were prepared for each parish in accordance with the great Tithe Act of 1836

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Coombes Tithe Map, 1840

Albourne Tithe Map, 1838

Climping Tithe Map, 1843

Chithurst Tithe Map, c.1840

Chidham Tithe Map, 1846

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Tithe Map for the parish of St. Peter the Great (Subdeanery), Chichester, 1846-47

Burton Tithe Map, 1841

Broadwater Tithe Map, 1848

Bramber Tithe Map, c.1839

Birdham Tithe Map, c.1847

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Billingshurst Tithe Map, 1841

Barlavington Tithe Map, 1840

Balcombe Tithe Map, 1842

Ashurst Tithe Map, 1844

Ashington Tithe Map, 1847

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Appledram Tithe Map, 1838

Angmering Tithe Map, 1838-39

Amberley Tithe Map, 1847

Aldingbourne Tithe Map, 1846

Clayton Tithe Map, c.1838

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Binderton Tithe Map, 1847

Upper Beeding Tithe Map, 1842

Barnham Tithe Map, 1846

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